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N95 Particulate Respirator Mask - Pack of 5

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Technical information can be found here.
  • KROSS N95 respirator has a superior micro fine filter media technology that protects against reparable suspended particulate matter and consists of multiple layers - pre-filter, fine filter, and skin comfort layer.
  • This filtering facepiece respirator is a flat fold “C” style
  • KROSS N95 series of respirators have unique fit adjustors which provide optimum fit & comfort. They also have dotted pattern edges for a soft feel.
  • KROSS N95 series of respirators have latex-free knitted textile elastic which has a long life, is skin-friendly, and does not deform at high temperatures.
  • The respirator head strap is stapled outside filter media which avoids punctures in the filter and makes it leakproof.
  • KROSS N95 respirator nose clip is embedded inside the mask and the respirator has no metal exposure or loose parts.


Note: Due to COVID-19 all items are non-refundable