Life After The Pandemic: How to Stop Worrying About Covid-19

Life After The Pandemic: How to Stop Worrying About Covid-19

It's no longer news how the coronavirus outbreak in 2019 rattled the foundation of civilization and affected every individual directly or indirectly. We're all aware of how the government swung into action by taking several measures, including enacting social distancing laws and lockdowns to curtail the outbreak.


Gratefully today, vaccines and other public health tools are now available, and the recovery rate is higher than ever. But as much as this sounds relieving, COVID-19 is not totally gone even if the media attention has subsided. And the truth is, we may have to deal with it for a long time!

When Can We Stop Wearing Masks?

Millions of people from different parts of the world continuously ask, “When can we stop wearing face masks?” While it can be discomforting having a face mask blocking your airflow, unfortunately,  throwing the masks away may be a wrong decision.


Although the government across different countries has relaxed the laws of social distancing and wearing face masks, they are still being required in public. This reminds us that the war against Covid-19 is far from being won.


The new variant, Omicron, which primarily attacks the respiratory system, has been studied at length. Research shows that it's one of the most resilient viruses ever to plague the human race. This implies that the coronavirus may become a typical new illness like Influenza.


However, being a very deadly virus, COVID-19 still needs to be given as much attention and caution as it had during the pandemic. There is no need to discontinue the preventive measures in place hurriedly. That is, wearing face masks, sanitizers, and social distancing.


As the number of vaccinated people increases, so is Herd Immunity. However, the chances of getting infected are still very high and even higher for the immunocompromised.

Coping with the anxiety of getting back to normal life post Covid-19

Are you anxious about continuing your daily routine post-Covid-19? You are not alone. According to WHO, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by 25% after the first year of Covid. One year later, a reasonable number of people are still worried.


Even if you are immunocompromised, you don't have to be afraid of returning to normal life. It is okay to feel nervous and even scared of what might go wrong. However,  COVID-19 can be easily prevented by observing a few measures. These include:

  • Get Vaccinated And Boosted

COVID-19 Vaccines are safe and very effective, and it is not difficult to get one. It is also free and readily available in most countries.

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Wear Your Masks
  • Use a Hand Sanitizer
  • Avoid Fake News
  • Take Care Of Yourself


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