On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared the novel coronavirus a worldwide pandemic.


This triggered a series of events such as nationwide lockdown, mandatory use of nose masks etc., with virtually all sectors of the economy taking a huge hit.


Companies had to quickly turn to new ways of doing work such as remote and hybrid settings which resulted in a change in how we work.


Although we have had some success in the fight against Covid-19 with preventive measures like the facemask mandate being lifted in Canada and other countries worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic is still here.


This creates a major concern regarding the future of work of workers with severe health issues which have led to a weak immune system. If you are immunocompromised, it means that you are prone to contracting the COVID-19 virus, hence, returning to your workplace might be a major risk.


What can immunocompromised workers do to stay safe at work?

What options do you have and how can you prepare yourself to return to work?.


How Immunocompromised workers can prepare themselves to  Return to work Post-Pandemic

Many companies are bringing back on site working structures as the government removes the Covid-19 mandate in the country. However, immunocompromised workers might feel hesitant to return to work because of the high risk of contracting the virus. Below are some things you can do if you are Immunocompromised and you have to return to work.


  • Request for full-time remote work from your employer:

Workers in Canada can request remote work privileges if they have severe health issues which make office work risky for them. If your work requirements allow for remote work,  You can request this option by providing a signed doctor's note to your employer.


  • Get tested:

Regardless of your vaccination status, you should get tested before returning to work. This will help you prevent the possible spread of the virus to your colleagues or family members. 


  • Get a booster vaccine shot:

Although it is mandatory to get vaccinated before returning to work, immunocompromised workers need to get the booster shot as it provides some level of protection against the virus.


Immunocompromised: How to stay safe in your workplace

Working onsite creates a challenge for immunocompromised workers. This is because you have to interact with other individuals who may not adhere to full Covid-19 safety protocol like wearing a face mask, keeping social distance or getting vaccinated. Hence, you have to take personal precautions to stay safe at work and maintain optimal productivity. Some steps you can take include;

  • Keep your workspace sanitized and clean
  • Use all in-office safety measures
  • Wear your facemask and have your sanitizer always.

As we return to the new normal and adjust to working onsite with the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic still in play, it's imperative to take the necessary measures to stay safe.


As an immunocompromised worker, you have to take extra measures to care for yourself such as adhering to your medication routine, wearing a mask, using your hand sanitizer and avoiding areas with a higher possibility of contracting the virus.


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